Boy, Was I Ever Wrong

I cannot write about this trip without mentioning how truly wonderful it was to have my sister and my brother in law join us in addition to my father. No matter how well everyone is getting along and how much everyone likes one another it is not the same as being with my sisters. They are my original home team. So being able to share any of our simcha with my sister and my brother in law (henceforth referred to as big shvester and accountant man) made it that much more special for me.
Now, this is where the apology and the part where I was wrong come in. My big shvester always looks like a million bucks. Personally I like looking good but I prefer being comfortable. If my feet are happy the rest of me is happy. This means that my collection of footwear is not the prettiest. I swore to my sister that she NEEDED to get herself a pair of Naot sandals for the trip. Her feet would thank her for it. I was also sure that she could find a pair that were actually pretty. The first time that I saw her on the kibbutz I could not help but notice that she was limping and looked to be in a lot of pain. When I asked her what was wrong she said, “I hate those sandals and I’m never wearing them again!”. I took one look at her feet and was horrified to see many blisters. Her touring was just beginning. I didn’t know how she was going to manage with her feet in that condition. Then I asked to see the sandals. They were even uglier than the blisters! Luckily we are not the same shoe size.
I would just like to take this very public forum to say to Bigshvester that I am sorry that I convinced you to try a pair of those sandals. They might have been better if you had broken them in at home first but that would have meant wearing them out in public where you are known and not even I could have done that with those particular sandals. Personally, I still love each and every pair of Naots that I own and I saw many more pairs in Israel that I would have happily purchased had neither my budget nor my suitcase been a limiting factor. I’m just happy that my sister was not left with any physical or emotional scars. You know your feet best, buy whatever makes you happy.
Thank you both for coming, for the laughter and for the support.


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