The Other Shoe Has Dropped on my Head

Hey there we’re back. We were without Internet services for quite some time so in the next couple of weeks I shall try to piece together our trip for any of you who want to read about it. Right now I just want to say that it was the most wonderful experience that I can ever hope to have with my family.
We left Israel Friday at noon and did not get back to our home until about 1:30 in the morning. Fell asleep around 2 and was up around 5. I got another 4 hours of sleep the next night but then I did manage a full 7 hours of sleep last night. Things are improving.

My cleaning lady’s husband called to say that she has decided to go to Florida to babysit her daughter’s dog for a month.  No joke.
So much for things improving. I am steadily chipping away at a mountain of laundry that actually looks hostile and I think I even heard it snicker at me when I turned my back to walk out of the laundry room. Either that or a feral Israeli cat managed to find it’s way into one of our suiitcases. The kids begin school tomorrow and Rosh Hashana begins Wednesday night. I pray that my father in law will be coming up so that he can bring us challas. Otherwise I am not sure when I will be able to get them all baked.  I knew things would be tight, but sheesh.  Papa bear has a ton of work awaiting him.  September always seems to be his busiest month. Many people to see to make up for all of the summer closures.
All that said one of my favourite memories was of the security agent  at the airport who after he finished thoroughly questioning us gave us a beautiful smile and wished us a Shana Tova.

So before I go any further I would like to wish everybody a Shana Tova Vemetuqa.

I will try to write more when the laundry is less threatening and things here feel a little more under control.


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