Tel Aviv Part 2

When I said that it’s hot I don’t think that I made it clear just how hot it is.  Friday broke all records.  How long have they been keeping records in Israel?  Isn’t the Torah just one big record?  Anyway, Friday hit 45 degrees Celsius.  That’s about a billion in Fahrenheit.

Earlier in the day we walked to the Carmel market.  It was so hot that we couldn’t even buy anything.  There were too many people and we couldn’t think because our brains were cooking.  Anything I held in my hands just slipped right out.  The kids were mocking my icepacks and frozen washcloths until that day, suddenly I became very smart.

On that very very hot Friday evening we experienced a Kabbalat Shabbat that I know I will remember for the rest of my life.  It was at the port of Tel Aviv.  A man and a woman sang beautifully while being accompanied by a drum, a keyboard, a bass, a cello and a clarinet.  We watched the sun go down over the ocean while a greatly appreciated breeze cooled us on this very hot day.  A group of Italian tourists danced off to the left while a group of young Israelis danced off to the right.

It was so magical, hopeful and peaceful all at once that it brought tears to my eyes.  A perfect end to a perfect week.

We caught a cab home.  It was so hot that the cab driver had his windshield wipers on to deal with the condensation from the air conditioning.

Saturday we mostly hung out at the hotel and went for walks.  Most of the family is still swimming so there was also beach time.  In the evening we had a wonderful dinner with an old friend from Ulpan days.  It was wonderful to finally meet his family.  For 25 years we’ve been writing to each other and exchanging pictures.  Meeting everyone in the flesh was worth the wait.  We went for a little walk and they showed us  a little area of Tel Aviv that we hadn’t seen.  All in all another perfect evening.

Papa Bear took the kids to the Diaspora museum today while the Artiste and I went to the airport to pick up my Dad.  To say that my Dad is thrilled to be in Israel does not do it justice.  He even commented on how beautiful the sidewalks in Tel Aviv are.  The Artiste is prepared to be embarrassed as his grandfather in his enthusiasm will approach and talk to everyone around him.  I’m just happy to see my dad so happy.

I’m not sure when I’ll have internet access again, I’ll post when I can.


6 responses to “Tel Aviv Part 2

  1. My mom and dad have officially left and are on route to you! You make it all seems so amazing and I am so glad to hear you’re all enjoying yourseleves. Am loving your postings! Love you and love to all especially the boys that I’m cheering on from T.O.!

    • I’ve been thinking about you every time I’ve seen a runner and there are lots, the heat does not deter them. You’d love it all the men run topless.
      By the way, who gave you the name? Ha ha.
      I don’t have your hot Sicilian blood but am managing fine – because deep down I know you care.
      Hope Adam is doing well.

      • You know I do care. Two things could help you manage the heat. Light summer dresses and going commando! Adam is well except its freezing in finland and there is constant rain and he didnt bring much warm clothing. Aaron asked how seek and Destroy are doing and thinks they’re lucky to be there. send everyone our best including grandpapa bear.

  2. your emails make me very emotional, love to all and truly wish we were there…. love to all. On the bright side I think you are going to get a break in the weather on Thursday, cloudy and only a high of 87, something else to look forward to.

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