It’s not me, it’s hot. Tel Aviv Part 1

We have now been in Tel Aviv for just over 4 days.  We wanted to give ourselves some time to adjust to the weather and to the time change.  I now know that I should have done some preparation at home so that I could have an easier time adjusting to the weather.  What I should have done was to turn my oven on at home to 200 degrees, open the door wide and climb in.  Today was a record breaking day.  I am very proud to say that I did not pass out, not even once.  My kids think that it’s hysterical that I don’t want to be touched when we are outside.

I had a wonderful reunion with a friend that I have not seen since our Ulpan in ’85.  We have written to each other for years but it was so exciting to actually get to see each other and to have him meet my family.  We will get to meet his whole family Saturday night, I can’t wait.

Being here makes me feel young.  I know that it’s silly and far from the truth but I feel as though I’ve been transported back to when I was 21, brave enough to travel on my own and young enough to think that I could leave behind everyone and everything to move here.  Reality is that I am not young and I know that my dream of aliyah is a thing of the past.  I have learned these past few days that I still love this country but I also really love my life back in Canada.  I am Canadian through and through.  I am painfully polite, I like my personal body space, and while the men here are very handsome the machismo is a bit overwhelming.  Who even knew that they still made Speedo bathing suits for men?  Why hasn’t the craze for board shorts reached here?  I spend half my time on the beach looking away either in shock or in embarrassment.  I have been blushing for days now. Tel Aviv is about FLESH.  It’s so hot that people wear as little as possible. Would I have been wrong to tell the topless sunbather to put her top on, as it is not a topless beach?  My sons love Tel Aviv.  My daughter also loves it.  She loves it because as she says it has 4 things; the beach, sightseeing, shopping and activities.  It also has great ice cream.

We were lucky enough to get into the Palmach museum.  It is a wonderful walk through history.  It is so easy to forget the sacrifices the pioneers made to build this country.  We are a tough people, even if I am not.


2 responses to “It’s not me, it’s hot. Tel Aviv Part 1

  1. I am so excited you get to relive your youth at the same time as seeing Israel through your kids eyes, for the first time. Look forward to your next blog… keep cool

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