Cottage Games

I may have mentioned this before, but one of the things that I love most about the cottage is the amount of time that we spend together as a family.

We spend hours at the dock swimming, throwing each other in the water and just hanging out together.  We eat our dinners outside on the deck, which encourages long leisurely conversations until the mosquitoes eventually force us inside.  Once dinner is over this frequently means game time.  Games can be indoor or outdoor.  We play a mean game of SPUD.  I’m always thrilled when I’m not the first person out.  Deck Tag is a game of our own invention that is more fun than it sounds.  Inside the house we play Scrabble, Banangrams, Sorry, Scattergories and my favourite, Sardines. For those of you who don’t know the game it’s sort of the opposite of Hide and Seek.  One person hides while everyone else counts.  Everyone then goes off to find the hiding person, when you find him you have to join him in his hiding spot.  The last person to find him/everyone has to go and hide first next round.  It’s almost impossible for five people to hide together quietly in a shower stall, closet, under a bed or anywhere for that matter.  I love that I can surprise my kids by choosing a hiding place that they would not expect of me.  When hiding under a bed it’s so much fun to hear one of your kids say, “Don’t even bother to look under the beds she’d never be there.”  You have to laugh when on a whim you open a tiny broom closet and find someone crammed in there.  Now how am I supposed to join him?  So you open the door and know that even if you’re exposing the spot at least you’re not the last one there.  When you are the last one, there is a delicious spooky feeling as you wander around trying to locate your missing family.

I feel like a kid, what are we going to play tonight?


2 responses to “Cottage Games

  1. Madame Challah::
    You should get the game Apples to Apples. I think you and your family would love it. I loved reading this posting very much!

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