We Go To Town

When we are at the cottage we take part in a minimal amount of organized activities.  Apart from tennis lessons on my grocery days in town the kids have nothing scheduled.  This means all the free time in the world.  This is great except that ¾ of the kids miss the organized sports of summer camp.

Our local township has always run a great soccer program once a week.  It’s a pick up game coached by a crusty old British man who knows his soccer and has a great way with kids.

Sporty Girl was counting down the hours until game time, she even convinced Seek and Destroy to come out and play if there were other kids their age.  So on Wednesday we went over to the sports field/township office/library.  Much to our disappointment we discovered that soccer has run its course and can no longer be offered, as there aren’t enough kids.

We decided to make the best of it and check out the library.  Lo and Behold there were movies to borrow.  We walked out with one book and two movies.  Papa Bear and I did not think anything of it until the following conversation in the car:

Seek: “How much did this cost?”

Me: “Nothing it’s the library.”

Seek: “No I mean the movies.”

Me: “Nothing”

Destroy: “What?  Nothing?!  This would be like $30.00 at Blockbusters!”

Seek: “Well, what did they charge for the library card?”

Me: “Nothing they’re free.”

Seek: “How do they make their money?”
Destroy:  “It must be the late fines.”

Papa Bear: “Guys, they don’t make money.”

Seek and Destroy:  “They don’t make money?”

Me:  “It’s funded by the government.”

S & D:  “Oh, the government.”

We need to start visiting our Public Library more often.

But really, let’s hear it for the government.


One response to “We Go To Town

  1. The public library is one of the few things left of a much kinder and simpler time. Of course, nothing in life is actually free.

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