HEAT Part 1

We Canadians are funny.  All winter long you hear us asking the question, “Cold enough for you?”.  Now it’s summer and the question has inevitably changed to, “Hot enough for you?”.  My answer too has changed from a simple yeah, to an emphatic YES.  Right now I love, the freezer section of the grocery store, my local fruit and vegetable store where the staff all wear sweaters and my nice cool lake.  I like being cold.  I feel alive when I’m cool. I wilt in the heat like my potted flowers.  My eldest sister lives in the big city.  She told me that it was so hot there this week she saw a fibreglass flower pot that had melted in the heat looking like something in a Salvador Dali painting.  That is more than hot enough for me, that’s just plain scary.

You know how sometimes you get into it with your kids and when the dust settles you wonder was that them or was that me?  In this heat, it’s me.  Im cranky, so if you have any survival instinct you’ll leave me alone and make sure the path to the lake is clear.

Lately I’ve been feeling increasingly nervous about something.  My family and I will be taking a trip to Israel in August to celebrate Seek and Destroy’s B’nai Mitzvah.  I’ve heard rumours that Israel is actually hotter than Ontario in the summer.  Could this be true?


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