I Feel Like Sally Field

I am so excited!

I have to say a big thank you to RivkA over at Coffee and Chemo for adding me to her Blogroll.  I have been reading Rivka s blog for  a couple of years now and have become an ardent fan.  After emailing her to let her know about my little blog she was kind enough to comment on my blog, give some advice and to add me to her blogroll.  Plainly said, she liked me, she really liked me.

Now, my kids know that my computer literacy is quite limited – it seems mainly to consist of google searches and finding blogs to follow.  So when I began this blog I went to the host (?) that I read was the easiest to use.  Admittedly, Destroy set me up while I watched and took mental notes.  I also knew that I would be away from the computer for most of the summer so I figured that I would watch the youtube tutorial when I could (yes, I can also find stuff on youtube and I know how to shop online too).  It seems to me that I need to do something soon because I cannot even figure out how to add links to my blog and I really do not want the links that wordpress generates to show up and then there are all of the wordpress click-ons, I accessed them but now I cannot find where I did that to delete them.    Yikes.  So, if anyone out there is reading this who can quickly advise me I wold really appreciate the help.  By the way, I know that there are at leas a few people reading this because I discovered how to see my stats.  I know I have to do the research myself I just have to find the time.  I m an immediate gratification kind of girl, but that s for a different post.  I never knew that blogging meant there would be homework!


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