School s Out For Summer

A few things I want to say- all unrelated.

First of all, I love summer.  Most of all I love the lack of structure. I love staying up late and sleeping in.  I love swimming in the lake.  I love hanging with my kids until they make me crazy.

Do you think that at the age of 47 if you are being called “as incorrigible as ever” that it is time for family to enjoy this personality trait and just not try to corrige you?

Is The Artiste right and I really am mean when my mother says that she s old and he lovingly replies, “no you re not old Bubby” and I say “Yeah she is” .  I thought that she just taught us never to lie and that I was actually being a good daughter.  I m 47 for heavens sake, I m old!

Last point – my keyboard is quirky.  Everywhere that you see a space where there should be an apostrophe or there is an apostrophe missing (as in the title of this post) I am not just some illiterate who has been let loose near a key board – I am someone who has been let loose near a keyboard that refuses to type apostrophes.

Enjoy your weekend all.  I shall be busy being incorrigible. : )

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