Hello out there.

I chose my blog name for two reasons. It gets cold here in the winter, very cold. I should also add that it gets very hot here in the summer, winter just feels so much longer. As for the challah, if I don t bake it we don t eat it.

I lead a fairly average, happy life.  I am a busy, not too busy, mother of four who enjoys among other things, reading blogs.

I love living in northern Ontario but on occasion I feel isolated from the Jewish community.  I started reading blogs (not that long ago)  during Operation Cast Lead as a way to connect with the greater community out there and I have been hooked ever since. So now it seems to me that it is my time to enter my voice into the great big blogosphere. I hope that you can relate to our lives or if not that we are somewhat interesting to you.  If not, I hope you find a different blog that appeals to you.

Our family consists of myself (Momma Bear), my husband (Papa Bear), our eldest son (The Artiste), our twin boys (Seek and Destroy) and our youngest and only daughter (Sports Girl).

Since I mentioned bears you might like to know that we had a young bear on our front lawn last week.  I did not get to see it but a neighbour took a picture for us.  I am no great fan of bears, but yes, I know we are in their territory.  Although, we have been here for so long I question this argument.  We have watched their appearances become more and more frequent since the cancellation of the spring bear hunt.  To all you big city animal lovers come play on my lawn any time. : )

On that friendly note, welcome to my blog.

To anyone commenting on my blog I will make the same request of you that I make of my children when they go to friends houses or almost anywhere in public: Be a mensch.

I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you enjoy my blog.

7 responses to “Hello out there.

  1. As I expected, you write as you are in real life! Warmth. Wondering if the children know this blog may be used as a form of catharsis. Oh well, it will just be another thing they can complain to their friends about.
    Looking forward to future posts.
    With love.

    • Peaches: you make me smile, always the cheerleader. Thanks for your support.

      Enya: you know us so well – I live to embarrass them and they always oblige by being constantly embarrassed. So far they are very supportive and have given me the thumbs up.
      I will try and be careful about what I write or hopefully they will get bored and stop reading soon. Thanks for always being my number 1 fan.

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog. Bringing yiddishkite into a home where there is little support from the community is no small feat. You write with humility, but I know you have a secret identity and hide a red cape in your kitchen cupboard behind the sesame seeds and yeast. Looking forward to reading future blogs. You go girl!

  3. I was doing my usual perusal of blogs (I don’t sleep, I only live to read blogs!) and low and behold I came across yours. Much like you – it’s humourous and loving. I can’t wait to read your take on life. Your Abah would be proud (I think – one can’t be sure). Blog away little shvester. Tell it like it is, we can all take it!
    xo BigShvester

  4. An aside- my backyard is full of fireflies and I am watching them as I type… I love the summer too.
    Yes we love them to death and they never stop making us crazy.

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